Electronic Dog Doors

Electronic dog doors are still fairly new to many people – but they are a great alternative to some of the standard dog doors. Anyone who is looking to replace or purchase a brand new dog door should consider using this type before they make their final decision.

One of the best reasons for using a dog door that is electronic is the ability to keep out stray animals from around the area. You want to be able to let your dog in and out whenever they need to allow them to do their business and get some fresh air. But none of us want to take on another dog that could be carrying fleas.

Sometimes we may have more then one dog or more then one type of pet. There are certain people who have one dog and one cat that manage to live together harmoniously. While dogs are natural outside pets cats are considered more to be indoors. This could be because they have a better idea of how to escape out of the back fence. With an electronic dog door you can let your dog out while keeping your cat inside.

There are disadvantages to having a dog door. One of the biggest is that it allows thieves access to your home. However, if you were to use an electronic dog door that risk would be eliminated. Only you and your dog have the access needed to come in and out making sure that no one or thing is allowed in.

Electronic dog doors are usually smaller than the standard kinds and are therefore more convenient for dogs that are smaller in size. Keep in mind that these type of dog doors are more expensive and take longer to install. If you don’t want to spend the kind of money that is needed then you should consider getting the standard kinds.