Hefty Sliding Glass Dog Doors

Sliding glass dog doors are great to use when you are trying to provide a way for your dog to leave the house in order to run off pent up energy or to relieve themselves when you are too busy. No one want to wake up at one in the morning to take them out – but they don’t want a mess all over their home either.

The hefty sliding glass dog patio doors are great to use and come available with a four way locking pet opening that is proportionally sized in order to fit small dogs. The opening of the door is approximately 7 ½” wide x 10 ½” high.

The flap in which they come in and out of are made using GE Lexan that is lined with brushes. This makes it both durable and with a weather seal to keep the air inside of the home and the rain and snow out. It also has magnets located on the bottom to make sure that it closes securely and without fear of it staying open when they come in and out.

The frame of the hefty sliding glass dog door is made using aluminum and holds a safety glass upper portion. The top of the panel is built with a spring load that gives you the ability to adjust it within three inches. They are also built to be able to fit inside of the exact same channel to match up perfectly with your sliding glass door. This will allow you to open and close your glass door without the dog door moving on you.

You will be able to purchase weather stripping with the product and a pin lock assembly. There are some people though that will replace the lock assembly with a brace bar or a special stick that is installed on the back of the patio door. This is a much safer way of locking the doors.

Before you are able to install the dog door you need to make sure that you purchase the proper size. You will need to measure the opening starting from the deepest part of the track that is on the floor and all the way to the inside of the top channel. This will allow you to know the proper height that you will need to get.