Top Brands Of Glass Dog Doors

There are dozens of different types of dog doors that you can choose – which are made by different manufacturers. One of the newest are the Thermo Panel doors. This type of dog door is very unique and is well respected among many consumers. This is because they have found it easy to install and perfect to use in their home.

Thermal Panel III

The original Thermo Panel III patio dog door is based off of the Thermo Panel II except that is has been given some necessary improvements This dog door utilizes the Endura flap – which is considered by many to be one of the best flaps on the market.

The Thermo II was built using flaps that were created by separate manufacturers and did not work as efficiently. With the Endura Flap you no longer have to worry about whether or not your sliding glass door is single or dual pane.

Thermo Panel IIIe

The Thermo Panel IIIe is made close to that of the Thermal Panel III except that is has a ‘low E’ glass for the type of insulated glass units. The low E glass is made up of a special coating on the interior of the door – which helps to make it more energy efficient.


Hale dog doors have been built with polycarbonate locking cover that is in the shape of a “J” slot – which helps to increase security access into your home. The spring loaded steel dead bolt will lock the door cover and keep it in place despite of anything pushing on it. It also is built with a double flap for better insulation. Both of the flaps are made to be weather resistant and with magnets that will hold it into place despite large winds.

Ideal 900 Series

The Ideal 900 series dog door is made with a dual pane, dual flap, and insulated glass. Because of this design it is ideal for every type of season including the freezing cold months. Weather strip running along the edges of the flap and between the magnets helps to reduce the amount of cold air that runs inside of the home.