Vinyl Insulated Sliding Glass Dog Doors

The vinyl insulated sliding glass dog door is a medium sized door that is built to provide people with something that is able to close fully and securely. This helps to make it great to use without the fear of it letting air inside and outside of them home and keeping the temperature under control. It is built and designed for sliding glass doors.

The features it uses the most include an energy efficient double wall Lexan and a multi flex flap that is installed into the existing sliding glass door that you have in your home. This is great to use when you have medium sized dogs and allows them to still move in and out freely and without any problems.

One of the greatest thins about this is that it requires absolutely no installation of any kind. Instead it is given to you and shipped completely installed and only takes between five to ten minutes to install. It is 6 5/8” wide from the shoulders and comes available in the standard height for these types of dog doors. This helps it to work well with normal sliding glass doors.

It is also designed with options that offer you an additional rise that is determined from the distance from the floor and to the bottom of the door that helps your dog to get through it without tripping. It is also designed with a locking feature that enables it to lock securely each time that they come in and out of it. This makes it safer to use.

Before you purchase this type of sliding glass dog door you need to be able to measure your door in order to get the proper one. Make sure to measure the height and width you need to use so that it is able to be installed easily.